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Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Learn Easy, Use WordPress, Your Site | Comments Off on WordPress Theme

Words can be powerful weapons. Expressing opinions on an enormous variety of topics in a form of words written online has become an influential modern way of using freedom of speech. The WordPress community involves thousands of writers and their blogs, equally, a lot of designers, programmers and web developers constructing, modifying and bringing this world of blogs closer to millions of users.
Words can be powerful weapons, but the truth is that in the cyber world everything becomes more powerful if expressed via multimedia or at least backed up with a strong visual design.

Thus, free WordPress themes can be an ideal way to start your blogging with minimal investment, but a quite powerful breakthrough.

Depending on the dominant topics of your blog, there is a wide range of WordPress themes to choose from. You can use themes associated with art and culture, education and books, electronics, nightlife, fashion and beauty, food and drinks, sports, society and people, home and family and plenty other categories.

The major aim is to create a blog that leaves a strong impression on readers and followers and distinguishes itself among thousands of others. It has to be visually effective, but not intimidating, systematic and easy to read and explore, to match the design with written material and after all to keep it personalized and unique. Internet market offers millions of WordPress themes options, each of them featuring customizable functions. The prototype of high-quality WordPress theme should feature various color styles and custom backgrounds and fonts, mobile responsive design with sidebar option, custom header and sticky messages. In order to integrate it with other social media, theme should include Instagram and social widget, so as theme options, about widget and many other useful functions.

Kopy and Modern studio Pro from Studio Press are two examples of well-done blogging premium WordPress themes. Clean, modern, elegant, but powerful, both themes include drag and drop built-in option which allows you to effortlessly drop straight to the page all the elements you want to add.

Layouts can be boxed or unboxed, menu has a flexible location, background can be personalized and utilizing of custom colors is default. Once you scratch the surface, you’ll see there’s so much more to it.

Among dozens of great features, there are custom shortcodes, multiple column layouts, integrated theme options, attractive portfolio, header and footer options and much more. These WordPress themes are fully flexible leaving you free to change it anytime you like when you decide to refresh the outfit of your website.If the concept of your blog is based on long writings, Origin is beautiful theme adapted for this purpose. It will keep your homepage clear and relaxed, without making it look boring. On the other hand, choose Hemingway theme for large text or SKT theme if you are planning to scatter large images on your homepage.Traditional writers frequently choose Longform theme. It is perfectly designed for storytelling, easy for manipulations, asking minimum effort to maintain its seducing style.

Opposite to writers, photographers often pick Photo WordPress theme as their favorite one. Its responsive gallery is what suits their needs best and the whole style is focused on pointing out photos, leaving additional content marginal.
Making a brief overview of WordPress themes here probably gave you just a slight clue of endless possibilities you will find if you dig deeper. Explore our blog to see that there is so much more and set off to expressing your ideas on the blog in the most creative way.

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